Cracking the new job market: the 7 rules for getting hired in any economy (ebook)

By Holland R. William

The rules for finding professional work once seemed clear and unwavering: capture career highlights in a resume, practice answers to standard interview questions, and do lots of face-to-face networking. “Cracking the New Job Market” shows how these rules have changed and delivers new job-hunting strategies that actually work. The key, rather than to emphasize past accomplishments, is to sell your self on the value you can create for an employer. This new approach to getting hired requires new skills. Author R. Willam Holland, a human resources insider, shows job seekers how to: gather information on what a prospective employer finds important; emphasize those skills, accomplishments, and qualities in tailored resumes and interview answers; identify the intersection between personal talents and what the marketplace needs; unlock the networking power of social media; and, negotiate the best possible offer. Enlightening and practical, this myth-busting book delivers seven powerful rules for landing a great job even in a difficult economy.


Transnational celebrity activism in global politics: changing the world?

Edited by Liza Tsaliki, Christos A. Frangonikopoulos, and Asteris Huliaras

In recent years, celebrities from George Clooney to Bono to Angelina Jolie have attempted to play an increasingly important role in global politics. Celebrity activism is an ever-growing, internationally visible phenomenon—yet the impact of these high-profile humanitarians on public awareness, government support, and mobilization of resources remains under-researched. Bringing together a diverse group of contributors from media studies and public diplomacy, Transnational Celebrity Activism in Global Politics aims to fill that void with a new interdisciplinary framework for the analysis of celebrity activism in international relations.


Manga guide to physics

By Hideo Nitta, Keita Takatsu, Trend Pro-Co. Ltd.

Megumi is an all-star athlete, but she’s a failure when it comes to physics class. And she can’t concentrate on her tennis matches when she’s worried about the questions she missed on the big test! Luckily for her, she befriends Ryota, a patient physics geek who uses real-world examples to help her understand classical mechanics-and improve her tennis game in the process!

In The Manga Guide to Physics, you’ll follow alongside Megumi as she learns about the physics of everyday objects like roller skates, slingshots, braking cars, and tennis serves. In no time, you’ll master tough concepts like momentum and impulse, parabolic motion, and the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration.You’ll also learn how to:

  • Apply Newton’s three laws of motion to real-life problems
  • Determine how objects will move after a collision
  • Draw vector diagrams and simplify complex problems using trigonometry
  • Calculate how an object’s kinetic energy changes as its potential energy increases

If you’re mystified by the basics of physics or you just need a refresher, The Manga Guide to Physics will get you up to speed in a lively, quirky, and practical way.


Christ our hope: an introduction to eschatology

By Paul O’Callaghan

Christ Our Hope is a masterful reflection on Christian eschatology, in a textbook of twelve accessible chapters. Paul O’Callaghan considers the return of Christ in glory at the end of time, final resurrection, the renewal of the cosmos, and general judgment. An extensive chapter explores eternal life, perpetual communion with God in heaven, as well as perpetual condemnation, the possibility of forever losing what God has promised to those who are faithful to him. The guiding principle of the work is the theological virtue of hope, in keeping with Benedict XVI’s 2007 encyclical, Spe Salvi. The book also considers the impact of hope on the earthly life of the believer, and especially the process of the purification of hope through death and purgatory.

O’Callaghan highlights two significant developments of twentieth-century eschatology. First, the ecumenical challenge, mainly deriving from Protestant and Eastern theology, and centered on what is often called “intermediate eschatology.” And second, an awareness of the presence of eschatology at the very heart of Christian theology as a whole: Christology, ecclesiology and sacraments, anthropology, ethics, and spirituality.

Several interesting features inform the work. The discussion of each topic is rooted in Scripture. The author uses New Testament eschatology to re-work Old Testament apocalyptic material in light of Christ. He also considers the principal elements of eschatological fulfillment in light of the doctrine of the Trinity, and especially of the Holy Spirit. Christ Our Hope includes extensive references to the Fathers of the Church and to the history of theology. Especially important is the author’s effort to inform the discussion with a contemporary focus on the person, taking into account both human aspirations and the findings of various sciences.


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