Friends, Foes, and Future Directions: U.S. Partnerships in a Turbulent World (Strategic Rethink) EBOOK


by Hans Binnendijk

Report evaluates strategies for dealing with U.S. partners and adversaries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in a time of diminishing defense budgets and an American public preference for a domestic focus.


CHAPTER ONE. Introduction; CHAPTER TWO. The Partnership Setting; The Historical Importance of U.S. Partnerships; Global Trends Affecting U.S. Partnerships; Partnerships Increasingly Require U.S. Political Flexibility; Alternative U.S. Approaches to Partnership Engagement; CHAPTER THREE. Anatomy of the Potential Adversaries; China; Russia; North Korea; Iran; Salafi Jihadists; Cooperation Among Potential Adversaries; These Adversaries Create Vulnerable Partners; Back to Bipolarity?
Formidable Adversaries Make U.S. Retrenchment Difficult on Its Partners A Strategy for Dealing with Potential Adversaries; CHAPTER FOUR. U.S. Constraints Limit Assertiveness; U.S. Attitudes Toward Global Responsibility; Shifting Global Defense Spending; Is the United States Overextended?; U.S. Power to Coerce; U.S. Energy Exports to Partners; The Impact of Budgetary Constraints and Public Attitude; CHAPTER FIVE. European Partners and the “Free Rider” Problem; Paradigm Lost; Vulnerable Partners; Declining Capabilities and Will in Europe
Three Pivotal Partners: The United Kingdom, Germany, and Turkey Can Venus Become Mars?; Assessing the Historical “Free Rider” Problem; Transatlantic Trade and Security; Europe in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia; A Regional Strategy for Europe; CHAPTER SIX. Asian Partners and Inadequate Security Structures; The U.S. Pivot to Asia; Strategic Dangers in Asia; Areas of Tension and Vulnerable Nations; Asia’s Security Architecture Is Underdeveloped; Two Pivotal Partners: Japan and India; The Trans-Pacific Partnership; Military Options for Dealing with China
Potential Strategies for Managing China A Regional Strategy for Asia; CHAPTER SEVEN. In Search of a Middle East Partnership Strategy; The Middle East Today; Vulnerable American Partners; Layers of Chaos and Contradiction; Pivotal Partners: Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan; Russia Joins the Fray; Alternatives for a New Middle East Strategy; CHAPTER EIGHT. Conclusion: Choosing an Approach; Abbreviations; References