Mass media and American politics

massDoris A. Graber


“Mass Media and American Politics is THE best book available for undergraduate classes in political communication. The book examines factors contributing to the content of news coverage as well as how the news media influence people’s views about politics. The new edition provides important updates concerning the changing media landscape as well as the growing negativity and incivility in the media. The coverage in this textbook is excellent and the approach is easily accessible to undergraduate students.” — Kim Fridkin “Doris Graber’s classic just got even better with Johanna Dunaway’s help. For those who want to understand what we know about the intersection of politics and the mass media, this book should be on the required reading list.” — Jason Barabas “Graber and Dunaway’s Mass Media and American Politics provides a unique perspective to undergraduate courses in media, politics, and political communication. Particularly valuable are the chapters dealing with media and journalists. Here, the authors go in depth into the norms and routines of journalists, media power, and issues associated with press freedom, giving students a behind-the-scenes look at American journalism. The book also details how media cover politics at local, national, and international levels. Highly recommended!” — Lindsay H. Hoffman “I have religiously used Mass Media and American Politics in my undergraduate level Media and Politics course due to its structure and coverage. The text gives students an in-depth look at how the news is made, the various rules and regulations placed on media organizations, as well as an overview of how citizens are affected by news content. This new edition also provides students with a chapter on bias in the news, which is a topic that excites my students. After reading the chapter about bias, students pay closer attention to how news stories are framed, which is one of my primary objectives in teaching this course.” — Heather Evans “Mass Media and American Politics is an indispensible resource for media and politics classes. This text is one-stop shopping for setting the stage and getting into the nitty-gritty details of the contemporary media system. From big-ticket questions of ownership and regulation, First Amendment case law, and the structure and routines of journalism, to issues of election coverage, media bias, citizen learning and other media effects, Graber and Dunaway cover the landscape and do so in an engaging and accessible style, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date account. The new chapters in the 10th edition promise to add significantly to this already-classic text.” — Paul Freedman